The “Sip-Sip” is a pricey watering hole in the Bahamas where the women come and go, speaking of jewelry and pre-nuptials. Jana and I showed up there on a friend’s advice last week. Secretary of State John Kerry was at the next table.
He and I had been close friends, brothers even, back when Vietnam Veterans Against the War were organizing to protest the atrocities we committed as a nation, and as men. Beers flowed, medals were thrown on the White House lawn, an offensive was launched against a nation we loved without condition once.
In that singular moment at the Sip-Sip, cheek-by-jowel to Mr. Kerry, memories came crashing back like a billion, trillion stars; memories of drying blood and death and courage and more, sweeping across my soul in a hellish blur.
I thought to say hello to my old friend, but he and I were 50 years ago. Today was today, today was now.
I ordered another Goombay Smash, held Jana’s hand, and waited for lunch, grateful for one more sweet moment of life.

About lifegrower

Peter V. Fossel has been gardening since he was nine, and has been an organic farmer for the last 20 years. His most recent book, “Organic Farming, Everything You Need to know” was published by Voyageur Press, Minneapolis, 2007. He’s written numerous gardening articles for Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Country Journal, Out Here, and American Profile among others. He was Gardens Manager for The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson in Tennessee before returning to Cape Cod to start his newest organic venture, Swan River Farm in Dennisport, MA.
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  1. ncgarden says:

    Just in case no one mentions it – nice to see you posting again!!

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