Regarding Rules

Even the most ardent enthusiast is put off when a simple process is dissected too thoroughly and left to experts. It’s that way with cooking, making love, buying clothes, having babies, and it’s certainly that way with gardening. Why we’re so intent on making rules and complicating matters, I don’t know, but the effect is to intimidate us into total inaction – afraid we’ll forget a step, plant a seed too deep, and have to leave town. The only thing you truly need to design a garden is to start here and work that way, deciding what might look good along the way.
Have the boldness to throw out rules. Or make up your own. Plant, have babies, listen to the song of the Universe. But don’t ever live in fear of doing something wrong; of breaking rules.

About lifegrower

Peter V. Fossel has been gardening since he was nine, and has been an organic farmer for the last 20 years. His most recent book, “Organic Farming, Everything You Need to know” was published by Voyageur Press, Minneapolis, 2007. He’s written numerous gardening articles for Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Country Journal, Out Here, and American Profile among others. He was Gardens Manager for The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson in Tennessee before returning to Cape Cod to start his newest organic venture, Swan River Farm in Dennisport, MA.
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