At the farm we used to have a two-strand electric fence to keep rabbits, racoons, and the like out of our market gardens. Brilliant son comes home from college to discover we’d just adopted a new puppy from the pound, and decides the dog should be introduced to the fence. So he picks the puppy up and touches its snout to the top wire.

By lifting the dog, Brilliant Son became the electrical ground, so they both got zapped. 

He’ll never do that again.

About lifegrower

Peter V. Fossel has been gardening since he was nine, and has been an organic farmer for the last 20 years. His most recent book, “Organic Farming, Everything You Need to know” was published by Voyageur Press, Minneapolis, 2007. He’s written numerous gardening articles for Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Country Journal, Out Here, and American Profile among others. He was Gardens Manager for The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson in Tennessee before returning to Cape Cod to start his newest organic venture, Swan River Farm in Dennisport, MA.
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2 Responses to Grounded!

  1. mainebird says:

    Ooooh, poor puppy!

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