Sowing peas

            They always tell you to sow your peas as soon as the soil can be worked. Well, this is fine to say, but around here that means March. So what happens is that a day comes when the soil is ready, the peas are ready, the tools and soil innoculants are ready. The only thing that’s not ready is me. I hate March. It’s wet, windy, cold, muddy, and I see no reason to go out in that mess. Coffee’s on and the peas can darn well wait.

About lifegrower

Peter V. Fossel has been gardening since he was nine, and has been an organic farmer for the last 20 years. His most recent book, “Organic Farming, Everything You Need to know” was published by Voyageur Press, Minneapolis, 2007. He’s written numerous gardening articles for Organic Gardening, Horticulture, Country Journal, Out Here, and American Profile among others. He was Gardens Manager for The Hermitage, home of President Andrew Jackson in Tennessee before returning to Cape Cod to start his newest organic venture, Swan River Farm in Dennisport, MA.
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